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Workout & Practice Management

The heart of MainSet is built around an unrivaled Workout and Practice Management toolkit that enables coaches to rapidly create sets, write & share workouts, and create & publish practice schedules with ease.

Every coach, regardless of ability, will elevate their coaching performance with MainSet’s elegant and comprehensive workout planning, attendance tracking and communication features. You’ll even enjoy running test sets with the world's first “Stopwatch-free” test set recorder.

Finally, there’s a platform focused on improving the performance of the team’s most important asset, the Coach.

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Video Producer

Video Producer

If a picture is worth 1,000 words, then a video is worth 10,000. MainSet’s Video Producer allows coaches to record, edit, privately share, and playback unlimited videos with families & swimmers.

Recording and sharing video in MainSet is effortless. If you have a library of previously recorded video, simply import within the MainSet mobile application or into MainSet through a desktop browser.

With unlimited storage & playback, coaches can record, import, and share without limitation. Then, with Video Producer's powerful search & video organizer, finding & sharing recorded videos has never been easier.

Go ahead — record and share! Your swimmers might already be starting to swim faster!

Video Producer

Membership Management

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MainSet’s powerful toolset is FAR more valuable when connected with your team's membership database. That’s why we’ve integrated the most powerful mobile and web based membership management platform into MainSet.

The Member Management tools and TeamUnify’s proven swimming pedigree make MainSet especially well versed to speak the language of swimming perfectly. No stone was left unturned in an effort to help you become a better coach. You'll wonder how you ever lived without Mainset!

It has never been truer, than in the case of MainSet, the sum of the parts are greater than the whole.

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Performance Reporting

Video Producer

MainSet's rich reporting tools enable coaches and families to acquire newfound clarity in each swimmer's training performance. With shareable & easy-to-read reporting, swimmer & team training efforts can be evaluated, understood, then leveraged to improve overall swimmer performance.

This comprehensive suite of reporting tools include attendance histories, workout distance & intensity output, test set progression tracking, and swimmer's best times progression.

Married with Video Producer, coaches can connect video technique evaluations to specific workouts, swim meets and/or swimmers, to share with families & swimmers in private. Allowing you to coach away technique issues in no time.

If you want the facts about swim team training performance, look no further than MainSet!

Cool Tools

Look there's more! If you love swimming as we do, we've invented some tools that will knock your flippers off. In our quest to deliver one-of-a-kind productivity tools perfectly tuned for swim coaches we bring you MainSet's Cool Tools. It's like having a tool belt without all of the leather.

You'll find a 3-5 Timer Stopwatch, a Lap Time Calculator to help share and visualize race pace strategies with your swimmers, a Time Converter, the Time Standards Lookup with swimmer attainment, and our famous Birthday Tracker, so you'll never miss another swimmer's birthday!

There is beauty in their simplicity. Here's to finishing strong.

MainSet Features

Workout Management

Mobile Web

Practice Calendar Scheduling for all Rosters & Locations

Rapid Set & Workout Writing Tools

Desktop Workout Printing

Powerful Set & Workout Search Engine

Attendance Taking

Run Practice "White Board" Mode

Revolutionary “Stopwatch-Free” Test Set Recording

Energy Level & “Race Pace” Workout Structure Support

Visibility Controls for Practices, Workouts & Video

Share Practice Schedules & Workouts to Families/Swimmers

Video Producer

Mobile Web

Unlimited Video Recording, Playback & Cloud Stored Videos

Multiple Recording & Playback Qualities

Edit Recorded and Uploaded Videos

Playback Usage Statistics

Import Video from Other Sources

Import Video from Desktop Browser

Integrated Swimming Categories & Tags

Share Videos to Families/Swimmers Private Account

Membership Management

Mobile Web

Powerful Membership Management Platform

Membership Search, Editing & Reporting Tools

Private/Secure Access for Families & Swimmers

Comprehensive Communication Tools: Email, Text & Push

Bulk Account/Swimmer Invitation Platform

Swimmer Roster & Facility Support

Swimmer Best Times

Seamless Membership Sharing with SwimOffice

Multi-Team Support

Integrated Performance Reporting

Mobile Web

Swimmer & Team Workout Statistics

Trackable Test Set Histories

Attendance Histories


Mobile Web

Team Coach-to-Coach Sharing

Integrated Coach-to-Family/Swimmer Sharing Tools

Practice & Workout Hand-offs

Community Workout Sharing

Other Cool Tools

Mobile Web

Multi-Timer Stop Watch

Time Converter

Lap Time Calculator

Birthday Tracker

Time Standards

If you'd like to know more or see a demonstration of MainSet please email or call us at 888-326-8643.